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Sky Cinema Duo Today proposes a movie titled What will happen. It is an Italian production drama movie dated 2020.

Duration is 1 hour and 41 minutes.

What will the movie Sky be like – the direction, the protagonists, and where it’s filmed

The trend is Francesco Bruni. The main characters are Bruno Salvati e Fiorella Interpret respectively And Kim Rossi Stewart e Barbara Ronchi. Also in the cast Lorenza guess In a role I e Giuseppe Bambere Who gives the face to Umberto. Young feet Futine Peloso Or personality Adele.

Filming was done in Italy, Especially between Rome e Livorno And it took five weeks. Production from Palomar In partnership with Vision distribution.

The movie was originally supposed to hold the title Everything will be fineHe was due to arrive in theaters on March 19, 2020. After that, his movie debut was postponed to October 24, 2020 due to the pandemic.

What movie will it be shot in?

What it will be – the plot of the movie to air on Sky Cinema Due

The plot is her hero Bruno Salvati, A filmmaker who has never seen a breakthrough in a career. Recently separated from his wife IShe, however, remained on good terms.

Bruno Ed I They had two children Adele, A twenty-year-old girl of a conciliatory character and a very responsible personality, H. Tito A teenager suffers from many problems of his life.

Children weren’t always okay with their parents. But the already problematic existence Bruno She totally flipped over due to a serious illness.

After suffering a slight physical trauma Save yourself He undergoes a series of tests that detect the presence of a severe form of leukemia. He desperately needs a bone marrow transplant and thus a donor.

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After discovering it Tito e Adele Unfortunately incompatible with stem cell transplantation, father Bruno, Or UmbertoHe decides to reveal to his family a secret that he has carried with him throughout his life. Bruno Has a half-sister who may be compatible with a bone marrow transplant.

And so begins part of the director’s existence that is completely different from the previous one. First of all, the news of a half-sister turned his life upside down. Depending Bruno He sets out on a journey with his father and children in search of his sister-in-law Fiorella.

The end of the movie

When the family gets to where you live Fiorella, The woman does not have a positive reaction. She is very emotionally shaken and reluctant to clear her marrow to give it Bruno. But when relationships start to get better, and the family gets to know each other, Fiorella He changes his mind and agrees to donate bone marrow to his brother.

What will be the final movie

What will it be – the full cast

Below is the film crew What will happen And the characters that the actors played

  • Kim Rossi Stewart (Maltese: A Commissioner’s Account): Bruno Salvati
  • Barbara Ronchi: Fiorella
  • Lorenza guess: I
  • Giuseppe Bambere: Umberto
  • Raphaela Leboroni: female doctor
  • Nicola Nutella: Nurse
  • Futine Peloso: Adele
  • Tancredi Galle: Tito
  • Elitra Dalimore Malabe: Bruno’s mother

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