Leading the league for the national under-21 team in Finland on the test bench – football

On a journey through the far north, the Austrian national under-21 team stops in Finland.

After a warm-up against Estonia (4:0), the ÖFB selection starts in the European Championship qualifiers with fourth place, which is less than five points behind in the match.

Team boss Werner Grigorich expects classic Scandinavian players to have a modern twist. For the Austrians, who have nine points after four games, the top of the table will be tested on Tuesday (6:30 p.m.).

Quick defense player Emmanuel Ayew said the first place is a great shot. “The group is very close, something can change quickly. But it is also clear that we will do everything we can to keep the championship leadership out of our hands.”

Grigorić: “The Finns have absolute quality”

This should be possible with the dominance and offensive power shown last. With 13 goals, ÖFB’s first-choice qualifier, Salzburg striker Junior Adamu is the top scorer with five goals.

Finland went two matches without a win after losing at home to Croatia (0-2) and 1-1 in Azerbaijan. Red-White-Red doesn’t want this to blind him en route to the 2023 finals in Romania and Georgia.

“For me, the Finns have absolute quality. They don’t just play classic Scandinavian with a lot of power. They’re a team that wants to play modern football, let the ball run well and try to create moments of change in pressure,” Gregorich Am said on the spot to emphasize the confidence. :

“But if we deliver the performance with the energy that has characterized us thus far, with that determination and our passion for the game, then we have the quality to win the game.”

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In order to continue to lead the first group, this will likely also be necessary in Tampere. Because Croatia (9 points like Austria) and Norway (6) meet the basement teams Azerbaijan (1) and Estonia (0). Both pursuers played one game less than the Austrians.

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