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Residents of the Australian state of New South Wales have warned of a major outbreak of snakes and spiders due to the La Niña weather phenomenon.

This phenomenon will create favorable conditions for snakes and spiders to breed, which could cause more cases of bites and medical emergencies, according to local health services.

“Residents of NSW have been warned to be vigilant against snakes and spiders as there has been an increase in bites across the state,” an official bulletin said.

Chief First Responder Sarah Lance said, “Australia has some of the most venomous snakes and spiders in the world. Time is of the essence when it comes to venomous stings, and they should be treated as a medical emergency.” It was reported by several Australian media.

The bite of this Australian spider is capable of piercing nails and soft shoes

Official statistics show that New South Wales residents are the most vulnerable to snake and spider bites in Australia.

On Thursday, the health minister of neighboring Queensland state was interrupted during a press conference because a hunting spider slipped on her foot. Hunting spiders are harmless, but can grow up to 12 cm.

In early December, health authorities had already reported an increase in snake bites, but said there were enough antivenoms to treat them.

What is a nina?

In November, meteorologists announced a La Niña event in the Pacific Ocean for the second year in a row. La Niña refers to an unusually high atmospheric pressure difference between South America and Indonesia, which causes warm surface waters to move toward Southeast Asia and cooler waters to flow higher from the lower depths.

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This increases atmospheric circulation with cooler air which affects precipitation. La Niña is the counterpart to El Niño, which has the opposite effect.

The cooling effect of La Niña means that instead of being the hottest year ever, 2021 will be one of the ten hottest years.

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