La Jornada – Little by little American teams arrive in Finland

The players of the Mexican-American soccer team began arriving in Vantaa, Finland by train, where six elements conducted their first training yesterday with a stretch after their long journey from Mexico City, when they planned to leave last Wednesday. , but there was a logistical error by the union, which did not buy plane tickets in advance due to the problems of the strike in European airlines.

Pictures of two people, four and five selected with the Mexican flag and traces of fatigue on their faces, showed that they began arriving at the Finnish headquarters after being stranded by missing their flights in Paris, Geneva, Iceland and Helsinki.

And on Saturday they lost by absence to Great Britain, despite efforts by the select team by phone with the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) to reschedule. With no chance of a podium, the tri-color bronze medalists at Vancouver 2017, will be hoping to move to the net tomorrow in their second game against Australia, seventh in the classification.

The players accuse the Mexican federation of specialized in lying to them in buying tickets, and they themselves called the airlines to go to Finland. Today, the FMFA will hold a conference on the matter.

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