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“Women’s Connection Society” is the official name for Kom!ma, which celebrated its 40th anniversary on Friday (April 29). It was a day to look back at the beginnings and first meetings in 1980, when there was no internet and women only had the opportunity to create spaces and create publicity through personal exchange. But ‘com!ma’ also showed how they approach current topics and that they still had many projects up their sleeve.

The hall in Salzmannbau was full of well-wishers

In addition to words of welcome from the city and the Equal Opportunity Commission, it was women from the beginning who gave a sense of how the association was founded 40 years ago in the Salzmannbau Hall on Himmelgeister Straße. That’s when the naming secret was revealed, because at that time people were not thinking “come in”, but “come” or “come with me” or “come” in mind, resulting in “com! ma”. The goal when it was established was to create a place for women open to all, regardless of their party, sect or origin. A place for communication and integration. A lot has happened since then. In 1994 they moved into rooms in the Salzmann building. Several cultural projects were launched, which many guests remembered on Friday. In 1998, for example, there were readings under the slogan “Exquisite WeibsTeile” and the founding of the Internet café as part of the “Frauen in Netz”.

(From left) Maria Oleg, Luzia Klein, Sylvia Rock, Barbara Herz, Presenter Fatima and Dorothea Docedo

Several women influenced the fortunes of “kom! ma,” but one was honored with long applause at the Christmas party: Mary Oleg, who ran the office for many years. Marie is now retired and of course still active on the board. Last year, Katie Lorenz succeeded her as chief of staff.

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Although Marie Oleg is no longer heading the office, she is still a cum woman!

The birthday party program also gave an impression of how “kom! ma” participates in readings, discussions and cultural events about the living conditions, conditions and forms of women. MAGS singer Inspired by her songs and poetry, Morgaine Prinze has impressively demonstrated her art of presenting her own experiences in a socially critical manner and with a smile. Monica Brauer presented her latest project “kom! ma”, a picture book containing 40 photos of women showing strength in Düsseldorf.

There were so many memories and congratulations

Finally, the flight attendants and guests roasted another 40 years for an open, tolerant, and gender-equitable society.

And of course not miss kom! Delicious food to celebrate

Some impressions of the celebration and the guests

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