Khaby Lame and Will Smith are soon together video and Netflix wants that too

From zero to a thousand, this is how the social success of Khabi Lam can be described, tiktoker is loved all over the world thanks to his brilliant intuition to repeat the most absurd videos, which exist on the Internet, making fun of his gestures or meaningless thoughts. Appear. Thus, the more amazing the video, the more successful it is, in this way he has more followers than Mark Zuckerberg.

Khaby Lame i progetti con Netflix e Will Smith

Khaby Lame is so unstoppable that more and more VIPs are wanting to take part in one of his videos, how not to mention Alex Del Piero, but Will Smith and Netflix will also be on the queue. This was stated by Lam in an interview with TPI: “In the fall I’m going to America I’m going to do a video with Will Smith. I don’t speak English, I have to learn. I received many proposals: they offered me to become Uganda’s coach in a movie, then I looked for Netflix, and they wrote me many famous people.”

Among the projects there is also a collaboration with another football player: “I have to get to Marcelo, the Real Madrid player, who wants to make a video … My hands were trembling with Alex del Piero, when I found him in front of it was an amazing surprise. My manager organized it, and then we made a video together. Now he calls me my nephew, my uncle.”

The young man was born in Mbackè in Senegal, but moved with his family to Italy when he was one year old, like many sons of immigrants, he does not have citizenship, but feels Italian:

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“I don’t have Italian citizenship. But anyway, you know, even if they don’t give me the card, I feel Italian anyway. I lived here, I went to school here,” he admitted during the interview. “I grew up in public housing and despite what a lot of people think was pretty, I’m glad I grew up there, I had it all. It was full of kids like me, each with their own problems, of course, but we were many friends in a courtyard, in a place I didn’t suffer.” It had racial problems before because we were Calabrians, Sicilians, Moroccans, Neapolitans, Albanians, all of that. We always helped each other, there was a special bond.”

He dreams of being a comedian, say he has already partially succeeded, in making a movie with Checco Zalone, meanwhile he will be able to write in the syllabus which he collaborated with the great Will Smith.

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