Key tips and managers to avoid falling into the hands of hackers

Like every Thursday the first of May, this Wednesday is World Password Day To raise awareness and motivate users around the world to give the importance they deserve to passwords used to access social networking accounts, payment applications, digital banks, and more. Neither 123456, nor the pet’s name, nor the same in all accounts: passwords It must meet a series of requirements to be secure and not pave the way for hackers or scammers.

To get secure passwordsThe first thing to think about is Use a combination of characters between numbers, letters and symbols. The most common is resorting to simple phrases or important personal dates, which experts discourage because they are easily compromised. In addition, you must Think of a different password for each account Because when an account is hacked, there can be a domino effect where attackers take over social networks and paid apps with little effort.

It is difficult to remember many passwords, but before that there is a file Password managers: Google has onealthough there are other very effective programs like Petwarden(In English), nord pass s Dashlan (Both in Spanish). These managers also help with other points of advice, where it is recommended Make password changes regularly.

Another expert recommendation is that Passwords contain many characters; At a minimum, eight digits must be taken into account. Moreover, it is better Enable two-factor authentication for stronger passwords. Google has a good service and you can download both For Android devices How do for iPhone.

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However, the The world’s most used passwords are still too weak according to Report Nordpass titled “200 most common passwords”.

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between the The most used passwords around the worldAccording to the report, there are “123456”, “123456789”, “12345”, “qwerty”, “password”, “12345678”, “111111”, “123123”, “1234567890” and “1234567”.

The search shows that Password “123456” He’s been alternating between first and second positions since the 2017 report. Although he’s not the only one still in the top positions: passwords And “123456789”, “12345678” and “password” are always among the five most used, according to another analysis by computer security firm Esset, which warns that “Very weak passwords can be cracked in less than a second”.

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