Karim Macias: UK extradition hearing is approaching

trial United kingdom Tell Mexico that is a date extradition from Karim Macias, The former first lady of Veracruz. Photo: quartoscorro.

Prosecutor’s Office United kingdom He informed his Mexican counterpart that, In the coming days, the date will be fixed from extradition from Karim MaciasEx-First Lady of Veracruz and wife of ex-PRI governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte: The woman, Persecuted for corruption, I already found Detained in that European country.

  • Javier Duarte ruled Veracruz from 2010 to 2016
  • Currently clearing 9 years imprisonment
  • Money laundering, criminal formation and crimes committed

Meanwhile, the The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) Mexican, reported this Sunday through a press release, that is equivalent to United kingdom Granted to national authorities,Consistent precautionary measures On a specific bracelet “that Karim Macias You will carry it at all times.

“(In addition to) the periodic signature at a police station in (the capital) London, obstructing the approach to marine stations, Earth and air, during venting The corresponding judgment (which would lead to extradition) “.

Covid-19 And justice

According to FGR Mexico, the reliance on United kingdom Issued, In March, your apologies for the delay In the process extradition against Karim Macias, But he justified himself by saying that Coronavirus (COVID-19) Postponement of the schedule for the activities of the British prosecution.

Westminster Court of First Instance (Supreme Court in United kingdom) Waiting for the corresponding procedures, to schedule the hearing extradition (from Karim Macias) ”.

Karim Macias And Javier Duarte

In May 2020, Javier Duarte, former governor of VeracruzWas sentenced to nine years in prison for money laundering and criminal association offenses. In April of that year, the FGR arrested 10 former collaborators of the state regime for the Comprehensive family development (DIF) during the administration of Duarte.

In this way, the FGR He had no legal hindrance to stop And start with extradition From the ex-wife of Javier Duarte, Karim Macias, Accused of a specified fraud crime for 112 million pesos on a DIF account in Veracruz. it’s a The custom is that of the wives of the rulers, Presides over that body.

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