Kamala Harris terrifies the right

  • FromMelanie Gottschalk


There is a lot of speculation about Joe Biden’s health. If he could no longer be the President of the United States, Kamala Harris would take over.

  • Steve Bannon, A former consultant to the company Former US President Donald Trump, Expresses concern about the health US President Joe Biden.
  • Meanwhile, he complains about the offensive role of Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • But Bannon isn’t the only person who seems to be alarmed by that 46th President of the United States He cannot end his term.

Washington, DC – Rights in United States of America Panic apparently in front of nobody Coming to power soon From Vice President Kamala Harris. Because according to their statements US President Joe Biden Much more sick than many know and he may soon not be able to take up his position. If so, Harris would run the government business.

at Podcast “The War Room” She said Steve Bannon, A former consultant to the company Former US President Donald Trump, It is time to get ready for delivery Joe Biden a Kamala Harris. “His eyes are dead now,” Biden’s Bannon said, and Harris has played a big role compared to former vice presidents: at home. Harris participates in many meetings. “It was never a penny.” Bannon said, “This is not the vice president’s role.”

Kamala Harris Spotlight: Rights Claim To Know How Joe Biden Works

Bannon isn’t the only person who doesn’t seem to fully love these developments. In an interview with Fox News Former Secret Service employee and Trump backer Dan Bongino has left He announced that he had spoken to his former colleagues who had worked closely with US President Joe Biden We work together. He’s in a “really big problem” and his health is much worse than is said. Everyone in the Biden environment knows this, Bongino learns: “It’s a scandal that they’re not telling us how bad things are for him.”

Bongino commented on the validity US President Joe Biden According to a letter written by Jimmy Panetta, California Democrat. It is requested to share access to nuclear tokens with some members of the Biden government. The message says: “Transferring power to only one person leads to real problems.”

Nuclear tokens are distributed among many members of the government

However, the request is based on another problem, the problem with The health condition of US President Joe Biden Nothing should be done. Former presidents have been forced to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or launch attacks. The letter states that other officials should trust the president’s judgment. “While each president discusses such a step with others in advance, there is no order.” The military is obligated to follow the orders of the US President – and it can be done in a few minutes.

However, the Democratic Representative in the letter also indicates the history of their relationship Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un, especially in response to a tweet from the former president, bragging about the largest nuclear arsenal compared to North Korea. He will also support the distribution of nuclear laws so that the decision does not fall on the president alone. For example with Kamala Harris. (Melanie Gottschalk)

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