Kamala Harris and Ivanka Trump are fighting for a US Senate runoff victory in Georgia

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Who occupies the Senate in Georgia? This will be decided on January 5th. Vice President Kamala Harris and Trump’s daughter Ivanka are fighting for their party’s victory.

  • In Georgia it is US Election 2020 It’s not over yet: On January 5th, it will be decided who takes power in the US Senate.
  • Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump, campaigns for Republicans, while Vice President-elect Kamala Harris campaigns for Democrats.
  • All News to me Donald Trump, 45. President The United States of America On the FR topic page.

Georgia – Donald Trump We remain firmly convinced that the 2020 US election is far from over. And it isn’t, at least not quite. The election of the next President and Vice President is considered to have ended Trump card Still not admit. He insisted that there was widespread fraud in the elections, and he was in fact the legitimate winner Trump cardWithout providing substantiated evidence to support these claims.

Fight for the majority of votes in Senate Not yet decided: In Georgia The run-off will be held twice on January 5th. Only then does it become clear how powerful it is republican As opposition at the federal level to the elected dual leadership Biden And the Harris It can make government difficult.

The race for the US Senate: Ivanka Trump and Kamala Harris on a visit to Georgia

Until then, both parties will try to use prominent advocates to attract as many voters as possible to the polls. Taken in Milton, a suburb of Atlanta Ivanka Trump Monday (December 21, 2020) alongside incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue. Daughter voted US President Donald Trump Choose eloquent words to show that the party’s supporters present the importance of the run-off:Georgia It will decide whether our children will grow up under an oppressive government or whether America will remain the land of the free, according to the “New York Times” Ivanka Trump.

US Senate run-off: Ivanka Trump and Kamala Harris – in the fight for Georgia.

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The political competition met in Columbus on the same day. The next US Vice President Kamala Harris Along with the candidates John Usoff and Raphael Warnock also emphasized the importance of elections for the coming years – and thanked the public for their support in the presidential election on November 3. the state Georgia He went to a presidential team for the first time in 22 years Democrats.

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Republicans in Georgia under pressure: Too little support for Donald Trump

The Democrats They celebrated at their campaign event, according to “The New York Times”, to some extent with their success in the presidential election, but the current opinion polls in the next run-off should cause them concern. According to analysis by “FiveThirtyEight” on Monday (December 21, 2020), both Republican candidates are slightly ahead of the electorate. The Democrats You must win both seats to balance at least Power in Senate The United States of America To be manufactured. Without the seats Georgia They currently occupy 46 seats in SenateDe facto 48, one includes politicians Bernie Sanders and Angus King, both of whom are questionable politicians. Democrats We work together. The republican However, there are actually 50 seats.

The republican You have in Georgia Meanwhile, completely different problems: You’re clearly the primary stress due to reluctant support for Trump Fight against legitimate outcome American Elections. According to the New York Times, participants in the Republican defender Purdue event at some point drowned. Purdue defended himself by being behind the outgoing president Donald Trump It should now focus mainly on the run-off election for the Senate. (Mattis Bichtold)

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