Jurgen Klopp may repeat Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s ploy as the Liverpool transfer deadline approaches

Jürgen Klopp has stayed true to his word until now.

Five days after Liverpool lifted Their first title in 30 years When the agenda shift.

The transfer window was open for hours and questions turned to how Klopp and his club dealt with her.

With more than two months of negotiation before sporting director Michael Edwards, the Reds coach announced that the wait game was in progress.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread and uncertainty over the club’s finances continues, Liverpool will be in no hurry to dive first into the market.

Instead, Klopp asked for patience.

“As long as we don’t know exactly about things, we have to wait.” Klopp insisted.

“We have a really good team, we see what we can do, we have to see what we have to do, and we still need more time.

Hopefully the time will bring more clarity about the future so we’ll make our decisions.

Almost two months after these words, LiverpoolThe team remains largely the same.

Costas Tsimikas’ £ 11.75million arrival from Olympiacos was largely paid for by Diane Lovren’s £ 10.9m exit. The names are still related to each other, but the Reds are waiting for their time.

Unlike Klopp’s Liverpool, a new season begins in the Premier League with problems still hanging over the team, but this is where they find themselves at the moment at this unique point in football history.

Andy Robertson has emerged not only as a star performer for Jurgen Klopp’s side, but as an entertaining and outspoken presence at Liverpool camp.

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Really, he can light the playing field – and the microphone! You don’t want to miss any of that, do you?

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Invitations to sign the fourth-choice center back continue Daily “updates” of Thiago Alcantara’s status Remain frequent.

The Reds are said to be awaiting the post-Champions League final on August 23 to start official talks with Bayern Munich.

After nearly a month, Thiago returned to training with Bayern Munich and Liverpool did not answer the phone to officials in Bavaria.

With just less Three weeks until the window closesThe Reds don’t have to move properly at this point, but the October 5 deadline is on the horizon.

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Klopp is not used to leaving him late at the window, but there is one prominent ward that bucked the trend and could provide clues to the future.

Less than 48 hours left of the transfer window in August 2017 when the Reds reached a deal with Arsenal in favor of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

It was 30 August when negotiations with Arsenal were quickly completed after the Reds agreed to match Chelsea’s bid of 35 million pounds.

Arsenal had told Liverpool earlier that summer that Oxlade-Chamberlain was not up for sale, but had to change his mind late after he turned down his £ 180,000-a-week contract bid.

A doctor booked in St George’s Park for the next day and completed a big financial leap with hours to save on deadline day more than three years ago.

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The deal was a testament to how the landscape of a particular situation can rapidly change while also providing hope for anyone considering a late fall in the market.

Jürgen Klopp has proven so far to be a man who sticks to his word in this window, but this waiting game may come to an end as we approach October 5.

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