Julia Stabile from Amici to Netflix, voice actress in the animated movie The Monster of the Seas

Dancer’s success Julia Stabil It has no limits. After the victory of the twentieth edition of Maria de Filippi’s friends, we saw her as an excellent co-host with Belen Rodriguez, as a model and now also in the world of cinema. Definitely a 360 degree talent. Here’s how his new adventure went.

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Julia Stapel becomes a voice actress

Julia is loved by the audience not only for her talent but also for her charisma, modesty and amazing laughter. From day one, Maria was a weak dancer, in funny and sometimes a little clumsy ways. But when the music starts, it’s another story.

Her success has not only been limited to theaters and shows, but she has also made it to television with Tu Si Que Vales and in various advertising campaigns. Then a new challenge arose: dubbing. And she didn’t think twice, she immediately got involved.

“I enjoyed a lot”

He told the agency, “As soon as I entered the dubbing room, I felt very anxious and ashamed. Then I let myself go and really enjoyed. An experience I would do again.”

Beautiful Julia voiced the young observant of the inevitability of the Netflix animated film “The Monster of the Seas”. Directed by Academy Award winning Chris Williams (co-director of Bolt: Champion everywhereAnd the Big Hero 6 And the Oceania).

sea ​​monster

Adventure movie and pseudoscience. A film that represents the bond between humans, sea monsters, and the beauty of the ocean. Many current issues have been touched upon with great sensitivity. “This film makes us rediscover the beauty of exploration and knowledge. Discovering the world is always important, and understanding that we are not alone,” Julia always comments.

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