Video. Granny on crutches fights striker in the UK

United kingdom. – One 77 years old grandmother Who was walking on crutches, he defended himself against a thief who wanted to steal his bag. The truth was recorded and shared by police. NottinghamshireAnd the United kingdomYou can see in it how the old woman beats the man until he leaves.

According to the police report, the robber was arrested and identified as Jason Sheldon, 31, in the video you can see the man on a bicycle, when he suddenly approached the woman who was walking down the street to rob him. Things, but he never expected the old woman to start hitting him.

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Jason Sheldon He wanted to take the bag from the woman but that He defended himself with crutches Who brought him for a walk, despite the fight against the man, managed to take his bag in which he carried only the keys to his house and a raincoat.

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According to the police NottinghamshireThe 77-year-old woman had been on crutches for several months during the knee implant procedure, but unfortunately, she sustained injuries to her side when she encountered the thief.

After grandmother Jason Sheldon was assaulted, he attacked another person, a 52-year-old man who had just withdrawn money from an ATM machine, the attacker followed him to his home where he subjugated him and hit him repeatedly on the head to make him give the money the victim managed to throw it under the door so as not to Jason takes it.

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This second victim resulted in a concussion. These events took place on February 28, 2020, but he was arrested on February 19, on charges of robbery and attempted theft, for which he will be tried in Nottingham Crown CourtIt is believed that he can serve at least six years in prison.

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