Joker Malware: Big Shock for Smartphone Users.. Delete These 8 Apps from Your Phone Immediately.. Or.. – Joker Trojan Android Smartphone Users Alert to Remove These 8 Apps


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Do you use a smartphone? An important caveat to you though. Some of the apps on the Google Play Store are likely to harm smartphone users. More importantly, many applications appear to contain Joker malware.

Joker malware infiltrates smartphone through apps and secretly collects user data. The malware then goes to the advertising websites containing users’ data and takes a premium subscription. This fact is not known to those who use the phone. This can have a negative impact on phone users.

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The matter was revealed in a recent report by Quick Heal Security. This malware appears to be present in 8 apps on the Google Play Store. Google has also been notified of these apps. Google immediately removed the app from its Playstore. Now let’s find out what those eight applications are.

1. Help message
2. Fast Magic SMS
3. CamScanner is free
4. Super message
5. Scanner component
6. Go messages
7. Travel wallpapers
8. Super SMS

If you download any of these apps on your smartphone.. delete them immediately. Otherwise you will get in trouble.

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