EA hit by a hacker attack: the cost of the attack…

This week, news circulated around the world that the program had attacked Electronic Arts, which lost approximately 780 gigabytes of data. The stolen information included the FIFA 21 game engine code and Frostbite.

The Frostbite game engine is used to create many games, including EA products like Battlefield, Star Wars, and many more. The only good news in this situation is that consumer data has not been harmed, and no malicious act has yet been carried out, except for sharing screenshots as evidence of a crime.

It is now beginning to become clear how all this hacking was done. The hackers say the original intent was to buy cookies from EA employees, and they only cost $10. Cookies were used to obtain employee logins to the Slack platform. Having successfully connected to the mentioned system, the programmers sought to contact the IT department.

Electronic Arts employees are said to be requesting a new system code from a hacker, and the explanation for such a request seems rather silly. Prosecutors posing as EA employees have confirmed that they lost their phones during last night’s party. After receiving the required codes and obtaining the login details for EA employees, it was possible to access the company’s network.

The next steps were also not complicated – after connecting to the corporate network, the criminals discovered the services that give access to the game code. As mentioned earlier, the image from this system spread on the Internet as evidence of the hack, and this was later confirmed by representatives of Electronic Arts. Of course, it was emphasized that no user data was stored there and they could not even theoretically leak into the online space.

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Electronic Arts is currently having a really busy day. It is expected that programmers will seek to recover stolen data, which is basically a fairly common scenario. Earlier, companies such as CD Project Red or Capcom found themselves in similar situations.

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