Johnson was banned from entering Russia. British special forces train soldiers in Kyiv

Boris Johnson “persona non grata”. Russia has announced a ban on entry to the country by the British Prime Minister and 10 other members of his government, including Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Dominic Raab and Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense Elizabeth Truss and Ben Wallace, as well as former Prime Minister Theresa May.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow explained that the decision came in response to the “unprecedented hostile action by the UK government”, and in response to “the media and political campaign in London aimed at isolating Russia internationally and creating the conditions to stifle our country.” economy.” The minister, who had already imposed a similar ban on the President of the United States, added, “In essence, the British leadership is deliberately aggravating the situation around Ukraine, injecting the Kyiv regime with lethal weapons and coordinating similar efforts by NATO.” Joe Biden in March.

Just last week Johnson traveled to Kyiv where he met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who promised him Britain’s “steadfast support” in the fight against the Russian invasion. “Ukraine defied the odds and pushed the Russian forces to retreat from the gates of Kyiv, carrying out the greatest achievement in the field of arms of the 21st century,” the British Prime Minister said after the meeting.

As part of London’s “steadfast support”, British special forces, for the first time since the invasion, began training Ukrainian troops in Kyiv. The Times revealedHe explained that officers from two battalions stationed in the Ukrainian capital and around the city told the newspaper that they had received military training from British soldiers during the past two weeks. Capt. Yuri Mironenko, whose battalion is located in Opolon, north of Kyiv, explained that the special forces soldiers came to instruct the new recruits on the use of Nlaw anti-tank missiles provided by the United Kingdom. It was known that the British were training the Ukrainians, but it was believed that they did so in a neutral zone. The Ministry of Defense in London did not confirm the news. British forces were already sent into Ukraine after the invasion of Crimea, but they were withdrawn last February to avoid direct conflict with Russian forces and consequent NATO involvement in the ongoing conflict.

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The United Kingdom is the country that provides the largest military support to Ukraine. London has drawn up a service plan consisting of the supply of 120 armored vehicles and new anti-ship missile systems as well as 100 million pounds of high-quality military equipment. Johnson also confirmed more economic support, guaranteeing an additional $500 million in World Bank loans to Ukraine, in addition to the £394 million Britain provided in grants to ensure the continued administration of humanitarian services to Ukrainians. Instead, the United States announced this week that it will provide $800 million in new weapons to the country, including artillery for the first time, as well as conduct training for Kyiv’s forces, but not on Ukrainian soil.

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