Joe Biden and Turkey: Recep Tayyip Erdogan on a Corrective Path in Foreign Policy

It is reported that Donald Trump did not telephon any other head of state as often during his tenure as Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But with Joe Biden taking office, the hotline between the Turkish president and the White House has subsided. Erdoan has reportedly been trying in vain to speak to the new US president since December. Meanwhile, the Turkish service provider is accepting bets on whether and when Biden will pick up the phone.

Perhaps Erdogan will not be able to laugh at that. Turkey has increasingly isolated itself on foreign policy in recent years, and the country now has no allies. The change of power in Washington now poses new problems for Ankara.

While former US President Trump once praised Erdogan’s “great friendship” and allowed his Turkish counterpart to pass almost all violations of standards, one can now expect Biden to increase pressure on Ankara.

The democratic politician is familiar with Turkey, has toured the country several times and has already denounced the country’s democratic deficit in his job as Vice President Barack Obama. A good year ago, Biden referred to the Turkish president in The New York Times Monastery As “autocrats” and demanded to support the Turkish opposition “to defeat Erdogan.” There are also other representatives who are critical of Turkey in the Biden government.

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