Jeff Daniels stars in the Netflix series A Man in Full by David E. Kelley

The drama, which is inspired by Tom Wolfe’s novel, also includes Regina King who will be a producer and director for three episodes.

creative agreement between David E Kelly And Netflix It really gives excellent results. after the last anatomy scandalThe screenwriter and producer is already working on his next project for the video streaming platform: perfect mana miniseries starring the Emmy Award winner Jeff Daniels. Based on the novel of the same name by Tom Wolf Released in 1998, serials 6 episodes It also involves the actress Regina King As Executive Producer and Director of 3 episodes (this is her first collaboration with Netflix via her production company Royal Ties). Kelly, on the other hand, will be the author, producer, and showrunner.

A whole man’s conspiracy

A Man In Full is about Charlie Crocker (Daniels), a powerful and divisive Atlanta real estate mogul who faces sudden bankruptcy. Rude, rude, and unstoppable, Charlie defends his empire at all costs.

For Jeff Daniels – who has been busy on other high-profile series like Comey base And American Rust – It’s a return to Netflix after the successful trial of the western series atheist for which he won an Emmy (he won another award for journalist Will McAvoy newsroom).

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