Javi López received a very special visit to Australia

Former football player Espanol Javi Lopez He was very good in his team match Adelaide Unitedin the field of Cindy FC. The former parrot captain received support from the stands RCD Espanyol Supporters Club in Australiaan españolista fan club based in Australian soil where many blue and white fans who reside in the oceanic country meet.

Many members of this group went into a dispute Sydney FC. with knowledge Spanish in order to support Javier Lopez. After the match, the right-back approached the parrots on the field to thank them for their presence and made a video where he gifted the following words to the team members. RCD Espanyol Supporters Club in Australia“I am pleased that my Australian parrot friends have come to support me. Thank you very much and a big hug to you.”

The Australian Parrots Company wasn’t the only good news for her Javier Lopez in the meeting between Cindy FC and the Adelaide United. Former Captain’s Team Spanish He won 2-3 in an epic fashion, coming from behind with a goal in the 89th minute and another in the 95th. In addition, the Andalusian defender helped achieve the first goal of his team Craig Goodwin. Defender’s performance Osuna At this meeting, he was so convincing that the profile of his club on social networks assigned the following meme to him:

The current season of Javier Lopez Being extremely positive both individually and collectively. The Adelaide United It is currently ranked second in the Australian League Hence, he will now be ranked in the title playoff. In addition, the right-back adds two goals and two assists during the current session. For the first time in his career, Sevilla scored more than one goal in the same season. curiously, The Experico was the first Spanish footballer in the world to score in 2022since he scored a goal on January 1 at 11 am in Australia.

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