Jane Campion is predicting ‘The Power of the Dog’ starting December 1 on Netflix

It was presented as a world premiere in Venice 78, where is the silver lion for her manager Jane CampionAnd dog power It is made in western drama Netflix, based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Savage.

the plot

Now in cinemas starting December 1, is the story of the Burbanks brothers, Romulus and Remus from the West: an elephant, a rude and violent shepherd (also known as a prolific Benedict Cumberbatchand George, a good-hearted bourgeoisie Jesse Plemons. We’re in the 1920s, a couple from Montana trying to run the family’s massive farm in the best possible way, despite the differences. But the situation is destined to hurry with the advent Kirsten Dunst, the widow of a suicidal doctor who runs a restaurant with his introverted son, Peter. It so happened that George fell in love with her and, after marrying her, took her with him to the estate, the undisputed domain of Phill. From then on, the latter will not stop torturing the woman, who is considered an opportunist, and the young man who follows her is ridiculed for his gentle methods (only apparent) and possibly homosexuality.

The West according to Jane Campion

Written and directed by Jane Campion, the New Zealand director of your choice new Zeland For desolate places, you say dog ​​strength A violent and masculine world. To do this, he chose to dwell on details, giving prominence to objects, rituals, gestures, and even moments of confrontation or confrontation, never direct but mediated through action or means: the piano, the string entanglement, the manic polish. That elephant keeps the saddle of the legendary and deceased Bronco Henry, from the remains of a landmark, is on display in the barn. It’s a slow-motion movie, broken into chapters like a book (details that have little effect on the narrative), and it advances mysteriously toward an end destined to finally discover the cards Mysterious HeroesAnd a surprise.

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Grande Prova for every Cumberbatch, with a character who vents a toxic, disturbing and complex masculinity, incredibly ambiguous in sexuality and intentions, but also to Dunst, whose role of wife is no less misplaced and thus alcoholic. Then there’s her son, a skinny boy, who voted to defend her, who will play a key role – also explaining the title taken from a passage from the Bible – In what seemed like a typical movie about sibling rivalry, but turned out to be a scary essay on hate.

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