Jan Vatainen is the new coach in Finland

Created on: 04/24/2020 16:44 / sk

As the Finnish Ski Federation announced on Friday, Jan Vatinen will take over as the head coach of the Finnish national ski jumping team. Former head coach Lori Hakula will serve as Vatanenen’s assistant in the future.

The 45-year-old was a head coach for Finland from 2008 to 2010. He then moved to Japan, where he took care of athletes such as Nuriyaki Kasai and Ryoyu Kobayashi as part of his job for Tsuchiya’s team.

“Janne is extremely adept at motivating and guiding athletes in coaching. Nowadays no person can reach the top without hard work. Janne Happonen and Ryoyu Kobayashi, among others, are examples of Janne Väätäinen’s successful coaching work,” says Lori Kettunen From the Finnish Ski Association.

“In the first discussions, this idea seemed far fetched, after all, I had been away from Finland for ten years. However, interest in this activity slowly emerged and a desire to work with the Finnish team,” says Janne Väätäinen.

While Väätäinen will focus on working with the national team, Lauri Hakola will also participate in coaching the coach, among other things.

“We want to help the team develop in the best way possible and in these positions we can make the best use of the qualities of the individual coaches. My strengths are in hands-on training and I can now focus better on that. As the head coach, Yan will be responsible for the coordination of course we will work closely together on All levels, “explains Lori Hakula. Who took over the technical director position two years ago.

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