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James Newman will represent the UK at tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Victor Frankovsky)

After spending the bulk of two years preparing to take the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest, tonight, James Newman will finally present his Embers song to an audience of around 180 million viewers living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In 2020, like most things that have brought us joy, Eurovision has been canceled. After months of rehearsing and recording the song My Last Breathe, it looked as if James’s Eurovision dreams had been shattered by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve had a great time getting involved in this,” he says. All opportunities were available to me and then lost. I immediately called the BBC and said, “If you want me to do that, I will definitely do it.”

Thankfully, Pep was eager to transfer James to Eurovision, even if it took another 12 months. However, as another year passed to prepare for the competition, the extension of the process finally turned into a silver ray for the singer-songwriter, who previously won a Brit Award for singles such as Rudimental’s Waiting All Night and wrote for Little Mix, when confirmed would be getting another chance, but This time with an exciting new song, Pop if you will, it’s called Embers.

In hindsight, 2020 was a “ rehearsal, ” he said. Now I know about the world of Eurovision.

“I learned more about Eurovision, and more about how important staging is: You learn these things as you go forward. The best thing in starting over this year is all that you didn’t know before. You’re learning on the job, so I definitely have a chance to do things differently. .

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Speaking to James, his enthusiasm is refreshing, especially when he’s representing a country as confident in winning the Eurovision Song Contest as he is reserving a table outside without rain.

While the UK has not reached the success of its golden years at Eurovision recently, our record is not as bleak as we regret. Lucy Jones narrowly missed reaching the top ten in 2017 and the UK won five times, exactly five times as England, Scotland or Wales won the European Cup.

Often ‘politics’ is an excuse for our failures, especially since Brexit. Although Lucy’s brave effort was the post-Brexit Eurovision.

James urges the UK to support its Eurovision business
(Imagine: Rolf Klatt / Shutterstock)

“I don’t think politics plays a role at all,” James says. “For me, to deliver a song that suits the modern competition, I am showing Europe that I really care and that I am doing my best to give the best performance possible.

“People are responding very well here and everyone is very friendly. It’s a celebration of music and people have been winning all the time.

“We are the third biggest winner,” he says.

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“ It’s just about showing people that you care and that you work hard and everyone is really happy that we are.

“I was talking to someone from Europe and they told me that the UK is a really important country in the competition and they are happy to be here and making an effort and I think that’s all we can do.

“In Sweden, people really care and we should do the same. Today Clara Amphu played my song on Radio One and Scott Mills – people listen to it and talk about it and support the song in the UK as they do in other countries.

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We can do well if we make the effort. People should be more positive, come on guys, it’s not that we’re terrible, we’re so good at music! “

Eurovision Song Contest is broadcast tonight at 8 pm on BBC One.

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