J-Wave announces collaboration between Netflix and TBS Holdings’ THE SEVEN to create successful live action content

Today, we are pleased to begin a strategic partnership with THE SEVEN, a state-of-the-art production studio of TBS Holdings (Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc), one of Japan’s leading multimedia companies. Over the next five years, THE SEVEN will produce several live original titles that will be available exclusively to Netflix subscribers in 190 countries.

We are well acquainted with the list of famous creators of THE SEVEN: Akira Mori, with whom we collaborated on the production of the popular series. Alice in Borderland She is currently involved in the co-production of Zombie 100 – A hundred things to do before you don’t dieleads the development and production efforts at THE SEVEN with Yo Yo Hakushowhile the director of visual effects production was Tomofumi Akahane ( Assassination of the seasonsAnd the JP Confidence ManAnd the Yo Yo Hakusho) in bringing fascinating and extraordinary stories to your screen.

Akira Mori, Tomofumi Akahane, Tatsuo Sugai in THE SEVEN

This collaboration deepens our relationship with TBS, whose popular drama series is popular Already available on Netflix. THE SEVEN will also have access to a large new studio of approximately 1,000 square meters that is set to become one of the largest and most advanced audio platforms in Japan upon completion next March, thus ensuring the best quality Netflix production.

THE SEVEN aspires to tell stories from Japan in new ways and without traditional creative constraints. Our partnership expands our product catalog, budget, creative freedom, and ability to share revolutionary content with audiences around the world.

A new spacious sound theater built inside Midoriyama Studio City, Yokohama

If we take it as an example Alice in BorderlandComing back next month for the much-anticipated second season, we quickly understand what kind of movies and TV series we can expect in the future: big, stunning, and breathtaking visual effects.

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Great Japanese products are in high demand both nationally and internationally, and with THE SEVEN we will provide our subscribers with high quality stories and content.

To download the materials, click here.

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