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The green economy is growing in Italy. to say it GreenItaly 2022 Report, Edited by Symbola and Unioncamere: In 2021, the number of companies investing in sustainability in our country grew by 2.9%, going from 21.4% in 2020 to 24.3%. This constitutes 40.6% of companies operating in the industrial field and 42.5% of companies operating in the manufacturing sector. In the last five years, between 2017 and 2021, a total of 531 thousand companies invested in the green economy (+51% compared to the previous five years), with excellent results especially for the start of waste recycling.

GreenItaly 2022 Report: The Green Economy is Growing

the reportestablished by the Symbola Foundation and Unioncamere, in collaboration with Centro Studi Tagliacarne and with the participation of, among others, Conai, Novamont and Ecopneus, Images of the state of the green economy in Italy were presented at the opening of the General Session of the Green Economy 2022This year’s Green Summit is dedicated to the “Challenge of the Environmental Transformation of Italian Companies”. The results were very promising: in 2021, while Italy was heading towards recovery after the most difficult moments of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies were focusing on sustainability, investing in environmentally friendly technologies and products.

In total, we are talking about about 531 thousand companies between 2017 and 2021, with a net growth rate compared to the previous five years (2014-2018). The report highlighted how “green companies” are rewarded in overseas markets: 35% of these expect, not surprisingly, to increase exports in 2022.While the percentage of those who have not opened their business model to the green economy is 26%. But the sales volume is also increasing (+49% compared to +39%) and employment (+23% compared to +16%). “We see an acceleration towards a more human-friendly economy focused on sustainability, innovation, community and territories,” said Ermitt Relacci, President of the Simbula Foundation in Italy.

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How is the green economy distributed in Italy

Geographical distribution of companies that decided to invest in the sector in the period studied by the analysis, Lombardi sees – With more than 90,000 companies in this sector (17% of the national total) – Before; But among the most active regions there are also Veneto (51,780 units), Lazio (49,510 units), Campania (about 46,000 units) and Emilia-Romagna (41,850 units), While at the provincial level, the priority is for the first time in Rome (37,290 units, equivalent to 38% of companies in the region), Followed by Milan (30,800 companies, representing 33.8% of Milan’s corporate world).

On the other hand, in terms of investment sectors, the Italian agri-food chain is doing wellwhich has become a leader in the European organic sector, with a spread over agricultural area used by 17.4% by 2021. Pushing for sustainability in an e worldDeliziawhere government bonuses and tax incentives increased retraining investments by 25%, and in home furniture supply chain: 95% of wood is recycled to produce furniture panels, while 67% of companies use secondary raw materials and 81% of sustainably produced wood.

The beginning of waste recycling is the strong point of the country

Italy stands out as one of the countries doing better in terms of green economy, especially when it comes to starting to recycle urban and private waste.: According to the report, it will be 83.4% of total waste in 2020. The result is significantly higher than the European average (53.8%) and other neighboring countries, such as Germany (70%), France (64.5%) and Spain (65.3%). To emphasize Italy’s potential in improving end-of-life materials, too Fourth place in the world as a producer of biogas from organic parts, sewage sludge and the agricultural sector, after Germany, China and the United States..

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