Italy experienced one of its driest and hottest periods in June

In that report, meteorologist Simon Abelle reported that the extreme records were marked by June 2022 with 41 percent less precipitation and 3.4 degrees Celsius above average temperature for that point of the year.

Abelli notes that the heat continued for most of the month, in the form of two different waves, the first during the first week, with temperatures as high as 40.3 degrees Celsius recorded in the city of Alghero, located on the northwestern coast of Sardinia.

The meteorologist determines that the second heat wave, from June 13 to early July, was more intense and continuous, with new historical records for that phase, such as 41°C in Florence. 40.3 in Viterbo; 40.0 in Rome; 39.0 in Perugia and Latina; 38.9 degrees in Arezzo and 38.4 degrees in Frosinone.

With regard to drought, a large rainfall deficit is observed, ranging from 59 percent less in the northwest, to 44 percent less in the northeast, 51 percent in the center and up to 73 percent less in Sicily and 93 percent in Sardinia.

The expert notes that this chronic lack of precipitation caused problems with water supply and the balance of ecosystems, which were exacerbated not only by the influence of vegetation cover, but also by the reduced flow of many rivers.

As an example, Abele cited the Po River, one of the most important rivers in the country, which recorded a flow of 161 cubic meters per second, well below its average of 1,500 cubic meters for that month, according to a calculation of the first twenty years of the 2000s. .

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