Italian TV proposes a cultural renaissance

Starts next June 14th Edition 73طبعة From the International Television Award, the BRICS Italy, which will open in Milan and where the President of the Senate Alberti Casellati and the Minister of Culture will attend Dario Franceschini. Italy reaches the final with series like Mental and Direction Traviata by Mario Marton. An opportunity, that award, to reaffirm the role of television in the cultural renaissance of the country, as also announced by the President of Rai, Marcelo Foixwhich also highlighted the new goals of state television.

The words of Marcelo Foie

The challenge of a cultural renaissance accompanied by growth also from the point of view of technology. One cannot think of the development of culture without taking into account the extent to which the use of knowledge and entertainment has changed:

What will the cultural renaissance be, and how do you find the balance with communication and fruition that will be digital? We won’t know what this combination will be like, but it’s a challenge we really believe in. expect BRICS Italy In June he was the winner. Between vaccinations and the arrival of summer, we will hold the demonstration in existence: Lombardy is in the yellow and it will turn white. Italy is not a country of grease and wants to be a country that proposes a cultural renaissance.

Italy is implementing important projects

Italy is in the final at the Grand Prix, where major foreign TV channels are also competing, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom among the most awarded broadcasters with entertainment and information products. “My mind“The proposed series on RaiPlay in which the issue of psychological disorders that teenagers often find themselves having to deal with was addressed, attracted the attention of the jury, which also includes Mediaset after six years of absence from the award. Not only serials are intended for younger audiences, but also Opera is reproduced, like Traviata Entrusted with his guidance to Mario Marton, it has been counted among the products with the greatest depth, the collaboration of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and Rai Cultura having proven fruitful. Violetta Valerie played Cuban-American soprano Lizette Oropesa. Next to her is tenor Simir Bergo as Alfredo and baritone Roberto Frontale as Giorgio Germont.

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