Italian: “Match ready to perfection”


Heart of Napoli, Juventus lost 1-0. Milan is also located

AGI – Napoli puts the bang against Juventus, eliminates all the negative votes in the last period, and puts 3 points with a very specific weight in their pockets. At Maradona’s stadium, it ends with a score of 1-0 thanks to a penalty kick by Captain Insigne, who scored 100 goals in the blue jersey. On the other hand, a step back compared to the last results of the Bianconeri, which remained at 40 points. Meanwhile, Gattuso and his team are joining Roma, awaiting the Giallorossi match against Udinese. In the evening came the big surprise in Milan’s 2-0 defeat to Spezia: Maggiore and Bastone’s goals were decisive in the climax. Low beats The start rhythms are very low, the game is very tactical and the two teams never seem to want to dare to play, but are waiting for the right lane to break through. The clear scoring chances do not happen, but in half an hour comes the ring that allows Neapolitans to open it: Kilini Samanakia Rahmani in the area, the referee allows the follow-up first and then with the help of Var determines the penalty. After the three fouls in several attempts from the penalty spot against Juventus, Insigne did not miss this time and scored 1-0. The Bianconeri tries to change at the start of the second half and has a great chance with Ronaldo, who is two-step unbelievable shots on Merritt, good and even warned later on to Chesa’s right from the edge. In the 63rd minute, a goal for Morata was canceled due to Chiellini’s previous offside, but Pirlo’s team did not want to give up and kept pressing the accelerator. Bianconero final forces the Azzurri to suffer from the pressure of the host and in the 85th minute they risk a lot in the outcome from outside the church, as they come out very slightly to the right of Merritt, but God proves in the next action in the Murata round. In the long recovery period, Juventus’ recent desperate attacks did not achieve the desired results: the Gattuso team celebrates. Milan are bad in their third knockout, the extraordinary blow Spezia scored against leaders Milan, overtaking it in the climax 2-0, making a lot of noise. Pioli’s team is unrecognizable, not dangerous at all, and is at the mercy of the game and determination of the Italian men, who celebrated their first goals in Serie A by Maggiore and Bastoni. Third defeat for the Devil in the League, who now risks losing the lead if Inter beats Lazio. Decisive start for the Ligurians, the start of the very aggressive home team, and the Rossoneri have a problem with the opponent’s initiatives. At 13 ‘Saponara has his first goalkeeper on the right, Donnarumma thwarts it with a careful intervention. Pioli is struggling to change and get into the game, and the bianconeri is very organized and accepts very little, which makes them dangerously ahead again around the 38th minute. Agudelo offers to Estevez, but the Argentine is blocked from a corner kick by Romagnoli. Maggiore Lo Spezia’s goal also started strongly in the second half and in the 56th minute finds the goal the advantage he deserves with Maggiore, who concludes with a great work on the counterattack. Milan are showing no signs of life and ten minutes later they amass a stunning 2-0 run by Bastoni, which leaves a terrifying blow from the impenetrable limit of Donaroma. The Rossoneri reaction is so shy that the Italian team does not even struggle with a shot in the face of the goal and puts 3 very heavy points in its pockets.

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