It will read us the AI ​​on Facebook

Tired of reading and rereading long articles? Don’t worry, Facebook’s AI will come to your rescue very soon.

Good news for everyone fan dell’AI (artificial intelligence) Or, in short, artificial intelligence; Less useful to all of them horrified By weight i social network in our lives.
Very soon, in fact, we will have to deal with a new job for The social networking site Facebook Which promises a fundamental change in our approach to life.

take stopwatch Record how long it will take Read this article: Once completed you will perform the correct calculations.
In fact, Facebook decided to interfere with the articles Online In an innovative way (but also scary).

Facebook’s AI will read the news for you

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It might even happen to you while reading this article (but we hope it won’t).
You want the writer to reach the heart of the matter directly!

Well, this is what Facebook’s new AI promises by making it available to you An electronic “server” Who will read the news for you.

is called TL; DR And according to rumors, that would mean the end of all online editors.
The acronym stands for Very long; do not read (From English, verbatim, Very long; Do not read it) It will identify articles that are simply “too long”!

The reader electronicThen, it will scan the contents of the article and summarize it into one A series of points To the user.
You will cut your time in half Reading will let you know what’s inside your chosen article without wasting time reading very long paragraphs.

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A real revolution!

The Controversy However, not only were they really getting started but they were also essential!
In fact, many are wondering how Facebook’s AI might be able to Critical analysis Contents.
What would come out of any bits on the Internet, of any kind, if it were a robot that cut it into pieces?

Where will the nuances go, the meaning of the news, personal opinions, and, more simply, the right of the press?
The stakes, then, are not insignificant. Reading “points” with a machine can trigger False and misleading interpretations.

In short, the situation may complicate (rather than simplify) users’ lives!

The bulleted list can be the answer for everyone who wants Practical and direct information But it is impossible (or almost) to imagine it for the sake of cutting information or entertainment.
Hence, implementing this function would add to many Problems Facebook addresses about news and the like.

For quite some time now, in fact, Mark Zuckerberg Try to develop tools that will recognize you ‘Fake news’ However, unfortunately, without success.
Despite this, there has been a “news” section on the popular blue social network for quite some time (only for the United States but will arrive soon for everyone) that allows users to “Read the newspaper” while on Facebook.

Of course, the idea doesn’t look evil at first glance.
However, we must admit that leaving one person (or their social network) Monopolize the news It leaves us a little stunned.
Thanks to the TLDR, Facebook will be able to decide which news to read, which is true and which is not, and also, now, how much it should be summed up.

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Perhaps, the power we give to this social network is starting to become a bit too much, especially given that it has only recently occurred Exposed personal data For many Instagram users (and thus, perhaps, your users as well).

Certainly Mark Zuckerberg jumps across hoops for Facebook renewal: Among the many innovations, there is also a “financial” innovation called dim.

After all, the social media audience has changed recently: the merging of Instagram and Facebook has taken some structural changes They will stop us from using our favorite emojis.
We can call it the harsh law of the social jungle: Now, in fact, young men and women are attracted to other applications, such as Tik Tok.
You’d never believe how much the most-followed sixteen-year-old on the Chinese app earns thanks only to ballet!

Facebook artificial intelligence
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In short, we should start expecting it to be really inclusive as well. Summaries of our articles.

Remember the timer you started at the start of this reading? How many minutes of your day did it take to read this piece?

Here, I think so Thanks to TLDR You can set aside half the time to dedicate yourself to something else perhaps Be able to read another list the information?

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