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A study that collected 20 scientists allowed them to verify and refute some of the biblical stories as well, and experts based the data of the Earth’s magnetic field that were extracted from the archaeological remains.

Data from the Earth’s magnetic field in archaeological samples allowed to verify stories from the BibleAbout the Egyptian, Aramaic, Assyrian and Babylonian military campaigns against the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

A joint study between Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University, in which 20 researchers from different countries and disciplines participated, Accurately date 21 layers of destruction at 17 archaeological sites in Israel.

this is By reconstructing the direction and/or intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field recorded in the cremated remains. The study was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The findings indicate, for example, that the army of Hazael, the Aramean king of Damascus, was responsible for the destruction of several cities.: Tel Rehuf, Tel Zeit, Horvat Tivt, in addition to the Philistines’ Gat, whose destruction is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. At the same time, the study refutes the prevailing theory that Hazael was the conqueror who destroyed Tel Beit Shan.

How to extract magnetic field data from archaeological remains?

Other geomagnetic discoveries reveal this The Edomites destroyed the cities of the Negev, and took advantage of the destruction of Jerusalem and the kingdom of Judah by the Babylonians.

Researchers explain that geophysicists, trying to understand the mechanism of the Earth’s magnetic field, keep track of changes in this field throughout history.

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So The use of archaeological finds containing magnetic minerals, which, when heated or burned, record the magnetic field at the time of the fire.

For example, in a 2020 study, The researchers reconstructed the magnetic field as it was in Av 9, 586 BC. AD, the Hebrew history of the destruction of the First Temple and the city of Jerusalem By Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian army.

Now, using archaeological finds unearthed over several decades at 17 sites across Israel, along with historical information from ancient inscriptions and biblical accounts, Researchers were able to reconstruct magnetic fields recorded in 21 layers of destruction.

So they used the data to develop a new, reliable scientific tool for archaeological dating.

Yoav Vaknin, a University of Arizona student and author of the doctoral dissertation that framed the research, explains:Based on the similarity or difference in the intensity and direction of the magnetic field, we can confirm or refute the hypotheses that certain sites were burned during the same military campaign.“.

“Moreover, we built a field-strength difference curve over time, which can serve as a scientific dating tool, similar to the radiocarbon dating method,” he adds.

An example given by scholars is the destruction of Philistines Gath (known today as Tel Tsafit in the Judean Hills) by Hazael, the Aramean king of Damascus. Various dating methods place this event around 830 BC. c, but they could not verify that Hazael was also responsible for the destruction of Tel Rehov, Tel Zeit, and Horvat Tevet.

Some Bible stories have also been refuted

Now the new study, which identifies the complete statistical synchronization between the magnetic fields recorded at these four locations at the time of the destruction, makes a very strong case for their destruction during the same expedition.

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On the other hand, the level of destruction in Tel Beit Shan, Recording a completely different magnetic field, disproving the prevailing hypothesis that Hazael also destroyed it.

Instead, magnetic data from Beth-Shean indicates this This city, along with two other sites in northern Israel, was probably destroyed 70 to 100 years agoa date that could correspond to the military campaign of the Egyptian pharaoh Shoshenq.

Shoshenq’s campaign is described in the Hebrew Bible and in an inscription on the wall of the Temple of Amun at Karnak, Egypt, mentioning Beth Shan as one of his conquests.

One of the most interesting discoveries revealed by the new dating method concerns the end of the Kingdom of Judah. Professor Erez Ben Yosef says: “The last days of the kingdom of Judah are widely discussed. Some researchers argue, based on archaeological evidence, that the Babylonians did not completely destroy Judah.“.

“While Jerusalem and the border towns in the Judean foothills ceased to exist, other cities in the Negev, the southern Judean Mountains, and the southern Judean foothills remained largely intact,” the report notes. Currently, The magnetic results support this hypothesiswhich indicates that the Babylonians were not the only ones responsible for the results of Judah.

“Several decades after the destruction of Jerusalem and the First Temple, the sites in the Negev, which survived the Babylonian campaign, were destroyed, most likely by the Edomites who took advantage of the fall of Jerusalem,” the expert explains.

He concludes, “This betrayal and participation in the destruction of the remaining cities may explain why the Hebrew Bible expresses so much hatred for Edom, for example, in the prophecy of Obadiah.”

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