China has passed a milestone of two billion vaccines

AGI – La China The line has exceeded two billion doses of vaccines against COVID-19 administered, and more than 889 million people have completed the course of vaccination. The Asian country, after today’s announcement of the National Health Committee, is important about 40% Of the more than five billion doses of vaccines administered globally, they have a higher percentage of the population to be fully vaccinated today than the United States. Epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said Beijing’s goal is to fully vaccinate 80 percent of 1.4 billion Chinese by the end of the year.

No obligations but pressures

The vaccination campaign is progressing faster and faster: in just ten weeks, China has doubled the already significant achievement of the one billion doses reached last June. While vaccination is not mandatory, China has introduced Strong measures to convince citizens for immunization against covid-19.

In different parts of the country, unvaccinated citizens were denied access to many public places, and in Chongqing, authorities warned citizens that refusing to vaccinate without reason would result in penalties for the controversial social credit system. Social credit that uses big data to encourage certain behaviors. These measures have attracted Criticism of many social media usersSome have accused local authorities of violating central government lines.

Variable Delta arrives in Beijing

L ‘Campaign Acceleration However, the vaccination in recent weeks has not helped to calm down Authorities’ fears For the virus to return after the wave of infection from which it started Nanjing outbreakAnd now it’s back “under control”. The spread of infection in 50 cities and in 17 of 31 Chinese provinces has alarmed the central government: the delta variant has reached Beijing, and has also appeared in Wuhan, the city where Covid-19 first appeared and where there have been no new infections since June last year.

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China responded to the return of the virus with campaigns collective swabs for millions of people, Localized closings In apartment complexes where infections occurred, and expelled local officials found guilty of negligence in implementing anti-epidemic measures. The summer battle against the virus slowed the economy and led to the closure, for two weeks, of one of the most important terminals in the port of Ningbo, the third in the world for freight traffic: according to analysts’ forecasts, also in August the Chinese locomotive could slow down.

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