Iron Man Hamburg with the European Championship: favorite Laura Phillippe

Next Sunday, the Hanseatic city will once again become the arena of endurance for iron women and iron men. Ironman Triathlon Hamburg celebrates its fifth anniversary. The highlight of the three-way battle over 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42.195 km of running is the European Women’s Pro Inline Championship – which is intriguing.

Laura Phillippe started as defending champion and number one favorite (6.15am). The 35-year-old from Heidelberg has never been to Hamburg before and is very happy. “A city of great beauty and great taste.” She is looking forward to the street circuit. “Where else can you shoot in the city at full speed?!” And another thing is just her thing: “Franzbrötchen!” Reveals a happy nature with a wide smile.

Ironman Triathlon in Hamburg with the European Championship

The strongest contenders in the battle for the European Championship are Renee Kelly (39) of Australia and Chelsea Sodaro (33) of the United States. You read that right! Australia and the USA. They too will be European champions if they win. Silly, but legal.

“This is just nonsense in my opinion,” critic Philip, who won the European Championship in Finland a year ago. “It reduces the value of the race to us Europeans.” Very few of the elite 27 registered women come from Europe. Another reason for Philip to win at home.

Laura Philipp in Hamburg’s Favorite Iron Man – Criticism of the platform’s curiosity

Kylie, who finished second in Hamburg last year and totally excited about the course and the crowd, is pushing the role of the Germans’ favorite. “I don’t think I can beat Laura,” said the Australian, who discovered triathlon at just 31 years old. “But I’m fighting for the platform.”

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Sudaru, who is celebrating her first run at the Iron Man in Hamburg – is also in great circulation – just 14 months after giving birth to her daughter Skye, who is also in Hamburg.

Chelsea Sodaro: The first appearance of the Iron Man in Hamburg 14 months after the birth of his daughter

The “triathlon mom” from Nevada, a multiple-time winner of the pros at half distance (1.9 km swim / 90 km bike / 21.1 km run), is curious to see if she will also be immediately on top in the first division.

“I wanted to pick a place especially for the first Iron Man, a cool place,” she says. After first impressions, Sudaro feels certain. Hamburg is that place.

Ironman Hamburg: The Triathlon Route

In addition to the elite athletes, a total of 2,700 amateur athletes of various age groups (age groups) will be at the start of Sunday, who will begin swimming in Ulster at 6.30am after a quarter of an hour from the pros. A bike path (2×90) leads through the city center, over the Reeperbahn and through the port to Vier- und Marschlande. The final marathon is run in four laps around the inner and outer Alster. The destination is the Rathausmarkt.

under There is detailed information about the route, start times etc.

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