iPhone 13: Satellite calls and messages?

iPhone 13 may be able to send and receive calls and messages even without cellular coverage. but how ? According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the future smartphone will use the network of communications satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), that is, satellites that roam at an altitude of up to 2,000 km. And in the future, Apple could harness this technology in augmented reality headsets, the car, and other Internet of Things (Internet of Things) accessories.

To achieve this feat, the iPhone 13 will rely on a modified version of the Qualcomm X60 modem, a customization that will allow it to activate “Satellite Mode”. The analyzer doesn’t mention whether satellite communications can only be received and sent with services from Apple (FaceTime, for example). It is also not known if there are additional charges for these connections.

This new rumor that occurred a few weeks before the keynote is quite surprising, but the rumors surrounding Apple’s interest in satellites are not new. As early as 2015, Apple will have near Boeing To develop a communications satellite. in 2019, Bloomberg You taught us that the builder has Engineers team strengthened About these space projects.

Apple will work on the satellite project

Apple will work on the satellite project

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