Investing in Artificial Intelligence with a high ROI

Artificial Intelligence has enjoyed great improvements and advancements in the last few years. Years of research is starting to come together, and turn into more actionable data, and a product that is more presentable and understandable for the general public. This means that the general understanding of the potential that AI has, has also risen. Artificial Intelligence was actually the most discussed tech subject in 2021.

The latest development has also resulted in companies being able to make more actionable and tangible products, based on AI technology. The strengths of artificial technology are in many cases greatly combined with automation. This is also the case in the customer experience field, which has typically been a field that has been thought to be best occupied by human employees only.

Automating or outsourcing customer service

With the introduction of bots, auto replies, and other non-personal ways of doing customer service, many customers have felt alienated and not appreciated.

This has also been the case for many larger companies who have decided to outsource their customer service department to companies in countries where salary expenses are lower. This saves a lot on the cost of man-hours but removing customer service from your company also removes all affiliation to the original company. Additionally, outsourcing to other countries and companies sometimes also means a loss of competence.

Technological improvements

Today, technology allows for excellent customer experience monitoring in customer service departments. This works by implementing intelligent software technology that collects and uses data to create reports with graphs, presentable and actionable data, and workflows. This software allows for accurate monitoring of customer service departments, which helps managers and employees improve the service that the company can provide.

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The software can save the company from several paychecks, as it will no longer be necessary to monitor employees in the same way as it was previously. The hiring of supervisors to monitor and evaluate the work of customer service employees has been an effort to improve the work they do, and in that way improve the ROI of customer service.

This strategy often has the opposite effect though, as employees are left feeling supervised and monitored, rather than feeling helped. This is an effect of monitoring that is difficult to remove, even if you manage to find competent managers who want to support, rather than demand.

Additionally, hiring another human employee to remove the bias and errors that another human employee might make, works counterproductively.

The power of data is proven even further when this software is coupled with Artificial Intelligence. Making the RevealCX program even more intelligent, the AI improves the data that can be extracted from the software, as the AI-program lets the program learn more about the employees and the data it is monitoring. With Artificial Intelligence on board, the employees have a helper that supports their work alongside them, rather than leading and demanding.

As such, Investing in AI has a high return of investment, once the program has been implemented into the workplace.

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