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Alexandre Pomjohan Photo: Alexandre Bomjohan

Alexander Bomjohan, a professional footballer in Germany, Australia and Brazil, among other places, decided in 2021 to study sports management in English at esm academy He decided to be one of the first graduates.

Baumjohann turned to Knappenschmiede from FC Schalke 04 at a young age in order to follow all the youth teams out there and finally move on to the pros.

In Germany, he then played with Borussia Monchengladbach and Bayern Munich, 1. Kaiserslautern and Hertha Berlin, and won the German Championship once and the DFB Cup twice.

His international career finally started in 2017 when he moved to Brazil. A year later he went to Australia, spending one season with Western Sydney and then two years with Sydney FC. Here he also became the Australian champion in the 2019/20 season.

“Alex has been clear all along that he would like to continue working in the sport beyond his career,” according to ESM-ACADEMY. “Since he does not necessarily see his individual future in Germany, but rather internationally, even after his active career, he decided to study Sports Management in English. This has been going on since January 2021, so Alex is one of the first graduates.”

Thanks to the flexible online lectures, the course, just like its German counterpart, can be completed from anywhere – even from Australia. The time difference also doesn’t matter; Bomjohan was able to easily download lectures from the campus online the next day.

Finally, ESM-ACADEMY addressed a few words to Baumjohann: “We are very pleased to congratulate you on your successfully completed studies and are very excited to see what jobs we will see you in in the near and distant future.” (Stadionwelt, 30/06/2022)

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