Ina Garten is planning a “different” Thanksgiving holiday for 2020 – using recipes anyone can make

For everyone who downsized Thanksgiving this year, Barefoot Contessa Superstar Ina Garten has got you covered. Just like many of us across the country, Garten is planning a very “different” Thanksgiving Day in 2020. She shares exactly how she is going about it.

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Ina Garten spends Thanksgiving with her husband Jeffrey

In a new video from New York times, “Aina’s Favorite,” Garten offers viewers a tour of her barn kitchen in her Hamptons home. It’s where she filmed her Food Network since 2002, and it’s absolutely amazing.

The lavish kitchen features dishwashers, 25 feet of limestone, and a sunlit reading room filled with sofas and cookbooks. The barn kitchen is where Garten hosts Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family every year. But this year the Food Network star celebrates Eid with her husband Jeffrey.

“I would probably make a very small turkey, and I think we’re going to have a very good time,” Garten revealed.

She says she will stick to her no-stuffing policy and make bread pudding instead. But she doesn’t think everyone should follow her. Garten hopes that “people will give themselves permission to do what they want this year.”

The Food Network star shared her recipes for ‘Micro Thanksgiving’

Since the pandemic broke out in March, Garten has gained more than a million followers on Instagram. Thanks to their amazing recipes for giant cocktails and their new recipes Modern Comfort Food The cookbook, Garten’s Instagram page has become a go-to for many while in quarantine.

With that in mind, Garten shared her best recipes for what she called “Micro Thanksgiving” for the fans who miss the big gatherings this year.

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“Thanksgiving might be different this year but it will still be festive and delicious !!” Garten said.

On her first post she said, “I prepare classic dishes but with a modern twist – balancing crunchy, creamy, savory and sweet dishes to go with my favorite (small!) Roasted Turkey recipe” Haricots Verts with Hazelnuts and Dill.

So far, Garten has also shared recipes for Make-Ahead Roast Turkey, Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potatoes, Herb and Apple Bread Pudding, and Potato Fennel Gratin.

All Ina Garten’s recipes for “Micro Thanksgiving” are for beginners

In her description for Make roast turkey, Includes turkey broth with onion and sage recipe. When it comes to Mashed Sweet Potato Chipotle, Garten skips the sugary marshmallow topping and adds a little extra with chipotle chiles and adobo sauce to smooth out the plate. Garten’s recipe requires two tablespoons of pure grade A maple syrup.

When Garten shared her recipe for Apple bread puddingShe explained why she always prepared this dish instead of stuffing it.

“Instead of stuffing a turkey, which requires you to cook it longer than it might dry a turkey, this delicious bread pudding is baked separately but it has all the flavor of the traditional filling – creamy bread and vegetables on the bottom, with a lot of crunchy Garten exposes it.” You will get the best filling and delicious turkey in less time!

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Garten is also bypassing and replacing traditional mashed potatoes Potato and fennel gratin. The Food Network star explained that the dish is “rich, creamy, and saturated with onions, fennel, and Gruyère cheese.”

She even indicated that you can put the plate together in advance and then bake it right before dinner time.

Garten has promised that she will post more partial Thanksgiving recipes on her Instagram account in the days leading up to the holiday.

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