In the United States they are calling for the son-in-law of the former mayor of Venezuela

MIAMI (Associated Press) – The son-in-law of a Venezuelan opposition leader is facing criminal charges in the United States for his alleged role in an organization that laundered nearly $1.2 billion in corruptly obtained money from Venezuela’s state oil company, the Associated Press said. Tuesday’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office in South Florida.

Argentine Luis Fernando Fotif, 51, is married to the daughter of the former mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledesma, one of Venezuela’s main opposition leaders. Together with Swiss Ralph Steinmann, 48, he was charged with conspiracy to launder money in South Florida.

According to indictments in the court’s online agenda, from or about December 2014 through at least August 2018, two financial asset managers illegally linked to others laundered money from illegal bribery, using the US financial system and bank accounts in other countries. Countries.

According to the accusations, members of that association laundered illegal profits obtained through a corrupt network of foreign exchange at preferential rates that included bribing Venezuelan officials.

Vuteff, Steinmann and their associates have reportedly agreed to set up the sophisticated financial mechanisms and relationships needed to launder more than $200 million related to this scheme and open accounts for or on behalf of at least two Venezuelan government officials to receive bribery payments.

If convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to launder money.

Fotiev was arrested in Switzerland in late June and is awaiting extradition. Steinman is a fugitive from American justice.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Vuteff was working as a digital, sports, entertainment and retail consultant in Spain, where he lived until shortly before his arrest. Previously, he worked as a corporate auditor in Argentina, holding positions in international companies such as FIAT and Peugeot Automobile Companies.

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