In the G7, Tajani closed the alliance with the United States. Blinken: “We speak with one voice on many issues”

We have strengthened Alliance of Italy and the United States I also found points of common agreement on some topics industrial policy, such as rare earths and raw materials necessary for high-quality production. This is the budget of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani After her first duet with her American counterpart Anthony Blinken. They met on the sidelines G7 foreign ministersthat occurred this morning in Monster, In Germany. Between Italy and the United States “there is a strong partnership and an alliance for which we are grateful – as the US Secretary of State said -” We speak with one voice on many critical issues.” During the bilateral event, Tajani reaffirmed Italy’s commitment “to NATO, the European Union and the United States” and launched a Digging in the German government. The Secretary of State explained with Blinken that there is “Convergence also in Chinais considered an interlocutor but also competitorThe (indirect) message is addressed to the registrant Olaf Schulzwhich was in the last few hours faced Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing. In recent weeks, the Berlin CEO has been criticized for his decision to sell a stake in Hamburg port It is a strategic infrastructure for the Chinese logistics giant Cusco. “We want to defend our networks – commented Tajani today – we cannot sell our ports and infrastructure to others, because National Security“.

“No one here doubts Italy”

During the meeting of the Seven Foreign Ministers, the Vice President of Forza Italia also spoke about the issueEnergy. According to Tajani, it is crucial to create one “common strategy”so that «there is no Very high cost of gas that we will buy from other countries, including the United States.” As for the change of government in Italy – and Fears From some partner countries on the positions Silvio Berlusconi The Minister of Foreign Affairs confirmed that he and the new executive would not be there There is no confusion in foreign policy. “No one mentioned potential or hypothetical discriminatory positions within the majority of the Italian government – emphasized Tajani – Everyone trusts the governmentwe have shown great interest in our positions, which I have repeated very vividly: we are on the side of Europe, NATO, the West, transatlantic relations, and We have to defend Ukraine’s independenceBut with the aim of achieving peace.”

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Cover photo: ANSA / Angelo Carconi | Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani during the second G7 foreign ministers meeting in Münster, Germany (November 4, 2022)

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