In Finland they build the largest “snow carousel” in the world

Labajarvi, Finland /

A group of Finns is trying to build the largest “ice circle” in the world this weekend, after several weeks of defrosting and cutting a large circle of ice with a saw that initially spins over a frozen lake.

The feat is performed on the Great Lake Labajarve, In the west of the country, and it is the work of a Finnish inventor JaThey are coniferous, Who claims to have engineered the idea in a viral video that was published in 2017. So far, Pine grove He built more than 60 rotating circuits.

How it works? Once this circular surface is free of snow and completely trimmed, the ship’s engine will ignite, causing it to run amid the icy landscapes.

Since the video was posted, the idea has been copied into larger and larger vanes, to the point where The Guinness Book of Records Assign a class to it.

I admit, “It’s so crazy.” Pine grove, Whose team had to begin by removing 40 cm of snow from a circle more than 900 meters in circumference and 300 meters in diameter. Today, the record holder is an American from Minnesota who built a “ice carousel” 228 meters in diameter.

To enter the book, you must lead the circuit At least one full turn on itself, Which is something its creators expect will happen between Sunday and Monday. The main difficulty is to create an ideal circuit that does not prevent rotation.

“If it is not perfectly circular, it will not be rotated,” he explains. Frederick Carlson Thor, One of the project aides. Inside the Great Lappaj√§rvi circuit, the team has cut a smaller circuit, which will be powered by an electric boat engine, while the bulk will need a petrol engine.

The municipality contributed to its support for the project to warn that winters in the northern countries last less and less due to climate change, pointing out that the lakes freeze less and less.


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