In Australia, they believe Nadal will be able to play his first major tournament in 2022

After returning to play in an exhibition in Abu Dhabi, Spanish Rif Nadal He tested positive for coronavirus a few days ago. He is isolated in his country, doing his own isolation. But doubts arose around 2022 with the Australian Open, Scheduled to start on Monday 17 January (ends on Sunday 30 January). Will you be able to say the present? In terms of leadership and organization of the competition, they did not hesitate. They trust the presence of a Manacor citizen.

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Nadal, before he was positive (Reuters).

Nadal, before he was positive (Reuters).

Craig Tilley, Executive Director of Tennis Australia and Director of the Australian Open noted: “EI’m sure Nadal will play in the Australian Open. Players who test positive will be isolated for a period at home, but can lead a normal life once they test negative.. If you test positive and you want to play the Australian Open, now is the time. A little later he will have trouble participating in the tournament. It would be very doubtful.”

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Difficult tournament preparation

“It is true that in 2021 it was difficult, but it is a little easier than this year. There are many circumstances and you don’t know how all of that can affect the tournament and especially on people. For example, if the players and their team share a room with someone and the result is That person is positive, and everyone in that room will have to self-isolate for seven days.” Tilly warned himself.

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Craig Tiley believes that players should be smart: “My advice to players is simple: get your own room. In 2021, we decided to protect all players who came from environments destroyed by the virus. In 2022, the goal is completely different, it is to protect all players and fans who do not have an omicron variant or some other different type of virus. Hopefully the tournament will go well and we can see a good level of tennis.”

The Australian Open is the first major tournament of the course. sIt will also be the first in which vaccination is mandatory for players, spectators and tournament crew. In addition, the Australian Open has established a medical committee that will exempt some non-vaccinated people who can present their cases to the committee.e will then decide whether or not this individual will be allowed to enter Melbourne Park, The tournament scene during the second half of January.

Doubt about Djokovic, absent in the ATP Cup

Nol will not be going to the ATP Cup in Sydney and the unknown is revealed before the Australian Open. According to the Serbian newspaper Bleach, the 34-year-old Djokovic, has a 99% probability of missing the January 1 match against Casper Ruud (8), the first in the series that his country’s team will face against Norway. “There is a 99 per cent certainty that Novak (Djokovic) will not be in the ATP Cup. He is training here (in Belgrade) and decided to miss that tournament,” said a member of Djokovic’s staff who avoided revealing who Blic was.

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Andy Murray will be at the Australian Open

This absence only increases Doubts surround the presence of the best tennis player in the world at the Australian Open, which will be held between January 17-30.. The refusal to report whether or not he was vaccinated against Covid-19, in addition to the statements he had previously made against vaccination, suggest that the reason for his removal from the ATP Cup could be related to his position.

Djokovic, a nine-time champion in Australia (the last three in a row), He could break the record of 20 Grand Slam titles if he participates. Nadal and Roger Federer have the same amount. Will it be part of the appointment?

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