In Australia, newscasts mistakenly reproduce satanic rituals

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The news channel of the Australian public broadcaster, news letters, A segment of Satanic Ritual was accidentally played during a newscast in an unexpected way while changing lanes, much to the presenter’s astonishment.

Presenter Yvonne Young was leading the show Note on the Queensland Government’s proposal To make killing police horses or dogs a crime, however, their accounts are visually interrupted by the bullet of three walking officers, and seconds later, His narration was again interrupted by changing the pictures, but this time Grid played satanic rituals on the screen during the live broadcast.

In this scene for a few seconds, A man can be seen standing in a black robe. Another person was seen standing next to the person who was dressed, and a third person was seen sitting next to a keyboard with a fully decorated room for Satan worship while the person who presided over the ritual said “May God protect you, Satan.”

Although it only ran for a few seconds, the producers realized the error and immediately cut off the power, returning the anchor to the screen. The driver was silent for a few seconds and then Soon, he began to present another story in a strange way.

Some people believe that they were members of the Noosa Temple of Satan, who are also protesting locally against the Queensland Department of Education Regarding religious education classes in schools. Meanwhile, the Noosa Devil Temple also retweeted the clip with the caption: “The devil works in mysterious ways.”


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