If your phone was stolen, what would you do?.. Steps to easily retrieve a mobile phone

Many people have been subjected to robberies during the recent period, in which a person loses hopes of recovering mobile Again, but with the advances in modern technology, it has become possible to access all the files and applications that reside on the phone from any other device, and this ensures that all data is obtained in the event of a mobile phone theft.

Mobile phone recovery steps

Anyone who has lost his or her mobile phone or been stolen can perform the process of activating the phone tracking service, and this is after working on entering his account on the phone, whether the Google account on Android systems or the Apple account on iPhone phones, through which it is possible to do the tracking process well in case it was stolen.

Activate the phone tracking service on Android systems

  • The person enters the phone settings.
  • After that, choose Security & privacy.
  • Then click on Find My Device.
  • And make sure it is activated.

Activate the phone tracking service on Apple systems

  • The person initially enters the phone settings.
  • Then click on Apple ID.
  • Then iCloud is selected.
  • After that, click on Find My iPhone.
  • Make sure it is enabled

Stolen phone recovery steps

There are many steps that are necessary to follow in case of a mobile phone theft, so that a person can get the phone back, and protect the data in a big way.

  • Change the password for all accounts.
  • Block your credit card.
  • Use a phone tracking app.
  • Inform the authorities.
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