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Heads turned toward the ice, and the expressions of the German ice hockey players expressed deep disappointment. The powerful World Cup championship of the German national team ended in a cruel bankruptcy – the coronation was not achieved. In the match for third place, the team of national coach Tony Soderholm defeated the USA in Riga Latvia with a score of 1: 6 (0:1; 0:4; 1:1). Thus DEB lost its first bronze medal since 1934. After a close 2–0 draw against the United States in the preliminary round, the game was back on again, which was frustrating for the players. disappointment in that Losing against Finland in the semi-finals The day before they left their mark.

Corbinian Holzer said, “It hurts so much right now. It’s hard to find words. We were so close to the final, it wasn’t enough today,” he concluded, “It will take until we realize what we’ve achieved. There are small details missing from the summit of the world.” It was a giant step.”

The tenth game in two weeks at this World Cup overshadowed the German national team against the United States. In the first third, DEB managed to keep up, but American player Christian Wolanin (sixth), who immediately converted the first American shot, found himself frozen.

German team without energy

Since then, the strength and morale have deteriorated dramatically, as if someone pulled the tide on the German players. The power outages robbed Söderholm’s team of any chances of acquiring precious metals. The American team could do whatever they wanted in the second third. The United States took advantage of this sudden German reluctance. Conor Garland (27), Jack Drury (29), Jason Robertson (32) and Trevor Moore (33) brought their team relentlessly ahead. The German team could not even use a 5:3 majority for five minutes to score a goal.

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In the third trimester, the German team at least remembered the fighting strength that it showed during the entire World Cup. Dominic Bittner’s first goal in his second World Cup match was at least 1:5 (50) in formality. But after only 25 seconds, the USA was hit again by Ryan Donato with a score of 6-1 (50th place).

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