Ice Hockey World Cup: A Russian wants to surprise the U-20 team

The 19-year-old knows what the young Austrians will face in the next few days, having played against the world’s best talent at Ottawa 67 in the past two seasons.

“We must not show fear. The goal is for the big countries to know where Austria is so as not to confuse us with Australia,” This is his slogan before matches against the three medal candidates USA (December 27, 3.30 AM CET), Sweden (December 29, 12 a.m., live on ORF Sport +), Russia (December 30, 3:30 a.m.) and the Czech Republic (December 31, 8:00 p.m., live on ORF Sport +). The plan is to improve from game to game and seek a dramatic victory over the Czech Republic.

Small mistakes are punished instantly.

In addition to the more difficult opponents, there is a smaller ice surface that teammates have to adapt to. “Ice cream is very different from European, and small mistakes are punished immediately. You have less time, shorter running distances, there are a lot of duels, and then you will have a good chance to score quickly.” “The guy from Vorarlberg said, describing the differences,” said the guy from Vorarlberg, Explaining the differences.

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Rossi gained a lot of experience dressing in Ottawa

Even if the thousands of spectators in the hall and about 250 scouts in the NHL are absent this time and can only be there on television, the U-20 World Cup, especially in the ice hockey motherland, is still the biggest event to happen to current talent. Young Austrians should ignore this as much as possible. “It’s important not to focus on scouts, but on the team. You play the right game and you don’t want much, otherwise unnecessary mistakes will happen. Just play and do your best,” was the captain’s advice.

After the NHL World Cup camp

For him, the tournament that starts on Friday is a farewell to junior sport and “a very big stage to prove yourself again”. After that, Rousey will go to St. Paul, where the Minnesota Wildlife Camp will start short pre-season for the NHL new season on January 3. The center is trusted to be one of the few talents in this year’s draft to take the leap into the strongest league in the world. Minnesota drafted Rousey as number nine and at the same time signed a three-year contract that, according to Capfri, brings him $ 925,000 (€ 755780.70) a year.

Pushes speculation and NHL dreams aside for the next few days. “After the World Cup, I’m going to Minnesota, and then camp begins – that’s the only thing I know,” he said. “I always focus on my place now, this is the national team now. Our goal is to play well and do well,” stressed Rossi, who should have played an adult match in the Zurich Lions in the Swiss League in the fall, but he only played one game. Before he gets a positive corona virus test. I stopped.

U20-WM in Edmonton

Timeline Austria:
27.12. United States of America Austria 3.30 am
29.12. Austria Sweden 00.00 am *
30.12. Austria Russia 3.30 am
31.12. Austria Czech Republic 8:00 pm *
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