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The Prime Minister of Hungary, the ultra-nationalist Viktor Orban, said on Thursday (11.24.2022) that his country’s parliament will discuss the ratification of NATO’s expansion to Sweden and Finland in 2023. The information was delivered after a meeting with his counterparts from Slovakia. Poland and the Czech Republic, which make up the so-called Visegrad Group (V4).

said the head of the Hungarian government, which along with Turkey is the last NATO country that did not give its approval after the enlargement. The ruling Fidesz party, headed by Orban, enjoys a comfortable absolute majority in parliament.

“As we have already informed Sweden and Finland, Hungary will support the accession of both countries to NATO,” Orban explained. The first parliamentary session of 2023 will be held in February. Orban estimated that the two Scandinavian countries “didn’t waste a single minute”. In their integration into the structures of the US-led military coalition.

Visegrad peer pressure

Prime Minister Magyar is the closest community leader to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, for which he is criticized by other heads of government of the Visegrad group, who see him as defending Russian interests. Ahead of today’s summit, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that he, along with his Czech and Slovak counterparts, would try to persuade Orban to speed up the approval process for NATO expansion.

28 of the 30 NATO member states have already ratified the merger of Finland and Sweden, two countries that decided to apply to join NATO after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, formally joining the alliance requires the unanimous consent of all its members.

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