How to send messages and photos that disappear on WhatsApp


WhatsApp offers you the opportunity to send messages and photos that disappear automatically to share private content. Step by step, so you can use both functions.

The WhatsApp It has a variety of very useful functions, but not all of them are always known. In this guide we want to explain how you can do it Send messages and photos that disappear automatically on the messaging platform. It is probably not one of the most used tools by users, but it is very useful if you want to Share private content without a trace.

In the case of temporary messages, it self-destructs Once seven days have passed since it was sent. The procedure is different for photos that disappear automatically When the receiver opens it. Step by step, we explain how to use these two tools, you only need a few seconds to master them.

In WhatsApp, you can send temporary messages that disappear automatically.

How to activate and send messages that disappear in WhatsApp

Temporary WhatsApp messages These are messages that are automatically deleted after seven days of being sent. Its operation is very simple, you just need to do it Activate the corresponding function in a conversation Why All messages you send will self-destruct After this time limit. This is how you can do it:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Enter the conversation in which you want to enable these temporary messages.
  3. Click on the name From the chat at the top.
  4. Scroll down and open the section “Temporary Messages”.
  5. After reading the notice with all the information, tap “Complete”.
  6. Click “Enabled”.

How to send messages and photos that disappear on WhatsApp

Once the function is activated, all messages sent in that conversation will disappear after seven days. Without a doubt, it is such a useful tool that there is no trace of what you are talking to another person, and also to Clean up the conversation and take up less space at your station.

These self-destructing messages can also be activated in groups, though in this case You have to be in charge of the same thing. In addition, you should also know that you can Activate and send WhatsApp Web By following the same steps.

How to send pictures that disappear on WhatsApp

Photos and videos are another type of content that you can send via WhatsApp so that they will automatically disappear later. Once the recipient opens the photo or video, it will self-destruct It cannot be opened again. So you can use this function:

  1. Open in WhatsApp and Enter the chat in which you want to share the content.
  2. Click on camera icon from the lower right corner.
  3. Select photo or video from gallery what do you want to share
  4. Click on Round button with 1 in the middle that appears in the lower right corner, next to the submit button.
  5. When this button with the number 1 Shown in green, it will already be activated Self-destruct photos. You just have to send it so the recipient can see it.

How to send messages and photos that disappear on WhatsApp

Things to consider when sending content that disappears on WhatsApp

There are some Things to keep in mind when sending messages and photos that disappear on WhatsApp. The most important of this platform Yes, it is allowed to capture this contentso any user can Capture that hacked message or photo and then share it. It doesn’t matter if WhatsApp deletes it later, the user will already have it.

Without a doubt, even if the message, photo or photo will self-destruct, you always have to keep in mind that WhatsApp has not blocked the capture and does not notify you when other users do it. Also, it’s always They can take a picture of the message or the picture with another mobile phone.

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Another aspect to consider is that sending images that disappear automatically may make it difficult for the other user to see them properly. From time to time, there is a possibility that accidentally opened it At first without paying attention and, Once you want to see her again, you can’t.

We can’t forget that all this temporary content disappears from our view in the app, but Still on WhatsApp servers weeks later. Please note that these messages and images can be reported like other content, so they are temporary It does not remove liability when it breaks the rules from the communication platform.

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