How to recover deleted conversations?

And the I lost By mistake or some time ago conversation from The WhatsApp and you want Retrieved, follow on steps To be able to see it again.

Sometimes we send important messages through conversations with data, photos, or memories that we simply don’t want to forget. Despite this, it sometimes happens that by mistake, or due to time, we delete those conversations and we feel we cannot return to them. However, in this way you can access deleted WhatsApp content and restore your conversations.

The WhatsApp Make a daily backup of your information, which is saved weekly in the internal memory of your cell phone. If you are looking to retrieve some content or conversation that was sent by the app, you only need to resort to these simple steps, as long as they are not very old.

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Firstly, you must have previously requested and granted permission to your cell phone to make backup copies of these WhatsApp conversations. Either in Drive or iCloud, depending on Android or iPhone status. This is because it is essential to have a backup of what you have deleted, sent, seen, or changed in your configuration The WhatsApp.

Although when you select backups, you can easily access one of the week you deleted the message, this process is not recommended if you follow this option, you may lose the content of your current conversations, and remove all traces of what you are currently doing.

How to recover deleted chats?

How to recover deleted chats from WhatsApp

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1. Select the file manager for your cell phone. That is, where are the backups made in the application. Check if they go to your internal memory, or to an external SD card.

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2. Copy the content of the “database” folder located in the internal or external meteor cell phone. You will find it as “”.

3. Paste the contents of the folder into a folder on your computer documents

4. Uninstall WhatsApp and open the folder that you saved on your computer.

5. Delete the file name “”.

6. Select the backup you want to restore and rename it to “” and fill in the blanks with the date of the backup you want to access.

7. Download and install WhatsApp, but don’t open it yet.

8. Connect your cell phone to the computer and copy the file “” or “WhatsApp / Database” to the phone.

Clever! At the time of opening The WhatsApp And restore the application, the previous conversations that you wanted to recover will appear. You can also use the UltData app, which also allows you to recover your photos or videos with one click. Usually, this application has a cost depending on the operations you want to perform.

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