Central government program for teaching engineering and medical studies in the mother tongue

The central government plans to teach engineering and medicine in the mother tongue. The All India Council of Technology (AICTE) has conducted an online study to find out students’ opinions in this regard. A total of 83,195 people from across the country participated in the study, with a maximum of more than 12,000 people showing an interest in university engineering studies in Tamil.

However, since 2010 in Tamil Nadu, civil and mechanical sector Engineering courseIt is noteworthy that it is conducted in Tamil. Anna University and its affiliated colleges have more than 1,300 places reserved for two specific departments. At the same time, it is true that only 20-30 percent of them are filled in every year.

Education experts say that engineering students in Tamil are hesitant to face employment problems and that exams like CAD for higher education are only held in English. In countries like Japan and Germany, the same language is mostly spoken across the country. Mother tongueIt is possible to study engineering in.

At the same time, the mother tongue of each state in India differs. In this context, can someone who has studied engineering in Tamil keep his job in other countries? he is. It is also doubtful whether one can shine internationally when studying technology-related information in the native language.

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