How to Hide Notifications from Your Samsung When Driving


Avoid the danger of using your mobile phone while driving with this handy Samsung feature that hides notifications when you’re behind the wheel.

Using a phone while driving is a very dangerous activity, so it should not be done under any circumstances. you Samsung phone It hides a very important function that will help you Avoid using your phone when you are behind the wheel. How do? Hide all notifications you receive

As we always tell you, smartphones Samsung It comes packed with functions from different sections that improve the user experience drastically. When analyzing our station settings, we automatically found this useful function Detects when we drive to hide notifications and It prevents us from getting distracted when responding to it. Let’s see how it works.

Your Samsung mobile phone has a very useful security app // Image: Beatriz Alc√°ntara Gil.

How to Hide Notifications from Your Samsung When Driving

The mobile is a very dangerous distraction while we are driving the car Reduce interruptions When we are behind the wheel. If you don’t want to silence your mobile notifications completely, you can allow it Your Samsung mobile does it for you Only when you are in the car.

Using Bluetooth and motion connections, your device can detect you’re in the car and use that information Activate Do Not Disturb Automatically. in this way, or app notifications How do The WhatsApp nor calls They will be a distraction.

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Without a doubt, this represents one of the most useful security functions of all that the South Korean company offers in its stations. Next, we explain Step by step how you can activate itit is very simple:

  1. Enter the application “Settings” from your Samsung phone.
  2. Scroll down and enter the section “Security and Emergency”.
  3. Within this new menu, tap Mute notifications while driving.
  4. check box Mute alerts while driving until the feature starts working.

Your Samsung mobile phone hides a function essential to your security: this is how you can activate it

If you don’t like using your smartphone in Do Not Disturb mode, with this Samsung security tool, it will automatically activate while you’re driving. Once you get out of the car, your phone will ring again Usually when you receive a WhatsApp message or a call. Whether you use this feature or not, remember that Avoid using your cell phone while drivingYour safety is the key.

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