How to get reckless skin for free

Dardeville is coming to It is an electronic gameAnd, if you’re skilled enough, you can be one of several lucky players who can get early into the skin. This means you’ll get it before everyone else, and best of all, you’ll get it for free unlike the rest It is an electronic game Community when they have to buy it from the Item Shop. All you have to do is apply it well Fortnite Daredevil Cup soon to come and secure yourself Daredevil’s complexion.

The Daredevil Cup is the newest It is an electronic game Competition will start soon, everyone can participate as long as you have a team ready to compete. This competition starts at 2 PM PDT on October 14th with various points awarded based on how well the players are performing. The only game mode in Daredevil Cup is Marvel Knockout LTM, so hopefully you’ve been training in this mode and know your way around the different superpowers that you and your team will use.

As for getting the actual look, you have to rank very high among the rest of the teams competing in your area. Teams that qualify will receive a Daredevil appearance that is awarded to each of the three players in Team Trios.

Below you’ll find details of where your team will have to arrange in your area to qualify for skin.

Reckless cup placements required to have free reckless complexion

  • Europe: 1st – 800
  • Eastern North America: 1st – 5th
  • Northwestern North America: 1st – 200
  • Brazil: 1st place – 200
  • Asia: 1st place – 100th
  • Oceania: 1–100
  • Middle East: 1st place – 100th

Considering how each team gets three players and each of them will get the look, a lot of decks are given depending on where you are. But when you think about the number of players who will be competing in the cup and will be skinless because they weren’t high enough or weren’t competing at all, that’s the way more players won’t even have a headache. They’ll buy it from the Item Shop if they want to while you play it in your next matches to show your skills.

For those who qualify for the skin, Epic Games said the Daredevil outfit will be awarded to players after the Daredevil Cup ends.

More by Marvel-themed It is an electronic game Trophies will be held next month with additional skins available in Early Access, so be sure to check them soon to see what you can win next.

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