How do you prevent Google Maps from determining your location?

Turning off Location History in Google Maps is not sufficient to prevent Google from locating you. If you want to completely break out of speed cameras, Futura shows how to proceed step-by-step.

If we appreciate the multiplicity of services provided by Google Maps and its constant desire to innovate (Voice guidance for the blindAnd the Notify if public transport is saturated, Etc.), we only moderately like to be tracked down.

So if you use Google Maps Very casually, you should know that this person logs your site permanently, even when it isImplementation Not turned on, as long as your internet connection is active.

You may have already tried turning off Location History in Google Maps, but doing so only prevents Google from showing you recommendations and ads based on the places you’ve visited.

To permanently stop any resettlement, Futura reveals the procedure to be followed.

How do I prevent my activity from being tracked on Google Maps?

Start by launching Google Maps. Once on the homepage, click on the hamburger menu to the left of the search bar.

Once the menu appears, scroll down until you select “Settings”. Click on it.

A list of parameters is revealed. Now go to “History Maps”.

You’ll find yourself on the “Google Maps Activity” page. Check the box labeled “Enable Web and App Activity setting”, then click “Change setting.”

Link to a new page. When you are always there, the slider to the right of ‘Web and app activity’ is positioned and is to the right the color blue. Perform a Pressure On the index.

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It is important to note that Web & App Activity isn’t just about Google Maps, it’s all Google services. Unfortunately, it is not possible to turn off Google Tracking individually for each service offered. So, keep in mind that it is your general use of Google apps that will be affected, even if this usually only leads to less relevant ads and recommendations.

Click “Deactivate” to confirm the suspension of your activity log.

You went back to the previous page and the scroll bar for web activity is now grayed out to the left.

How do I delete the site history?

You have now turned off Google’s ability to locate your location by temporarily stopping tracking your web activity. To wrap things up, you can now delete the history of sites that Google keeps.

To do this, go back to the top of the “Google Maps Activity” page, click on the three vertical dots icon to the right of the search bar, then select “Delete activity” from the menu that appears.

From the different options available to you, select ‘All period’.

Confirm that you want to delete your data on Google Maps by clicking “Delete”.

Deletion is effective. You can now use Google Maps without keeping data about your location and movements.

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